The More We Recycle The Less We Waste – Business Productivity and Efficiency 101

Most businesses in the United States regardless of size would like to recycle more, and waste less. That pretty much goes without saying. The other day, I was speaking to an acquaintance who mentioned that small and medium sized businesses contribute more to landfills by volume and percentage of size than large corporations. Yes, that makes sense right?After all, small and medium sized companies probably don’t have a recycling coordinator on staff. Many smaller businesses right now are having a tough go of it as they climb out of this recession. My acquaintance suggested that perhaps there needs to be more “recycling expert consultants” and coordinators available. Perhaps a new venue for solo-professionals – and yes, I couldn’t agree more, it makes perfect sense to me.You see, it’s a lot smarter to repurpose, re-use, recycle, and mine our throw-aways than to start all over, it’s more efficient, as waste is inefficient, and from an MBA standpoint (Six Sigma Black Belt, TQM, ISO9000, Finite Capacity Scheduling Modeling) I can totally see why someone of my acquaintances background would suggest this, and I must say; I agree actually!Okay so, the other day, I looked around the Internet and didn’t find that many companies that provide recycling consulting, but there should be, as they could eliminate waste, and help reuse some of that stuff that ends up in the trash, perhaps even make some money to pay for the consulting and create an extra on-going profit stream for the companies they consult with.Further, it seems to me that far too many companies are so busy PR’ing their every little recycling program, that sometimes those companies which are serious get lost in the wash and debris of information overload. That’s too bad, but I’ve sure read a lot about “Good to Great” type companies which are really working the “sustainability” exploits, not only because it seems to be the right thing to do and their employees, vendors, regulators, and customers appreciate it, but because they gain efficiency, and return value, profits, revenues, and thus share holder’s equity too.One of my concerns is that companies do what makes sense for their bottom line and find a profit motivation for doing so as it insures the right incentive rather than a penalty for not doing the politically correct thing at the time by way of mandate, rules, or regulations. Now then, I’ve seen a number of wise programs, collaborations, and use of the Internet to propel better use of discharged waste to other companies that need that waste in their production process. Perhaps more along this line of thinking needs to be considered, so please think on it.